Why not simply ban the sale of bottled water from stores?

Authorities can just ban bottled water from stores or should at least display the effort and materials required to produce that bottled water along with the impact on the environment.

Total savings on using home carbonated water

Home carbonated water is very cheap to produce and you can easily make this water in your home or even your work place.

Instead of transporting 55 liters of water from your local supermarket, all you require is 1 kilo of carbonic acid, which translates into just one trip instead of multiple trips. People that have larger bottles will end up re-filling around once in a year or even less since carbonic acid is simply a preservative and can last for years to come.

Minimal trips will also need to be taken to your supermarket as if you keep 2 canisters of carbonic acid then you can easily re-fill the unused, empty canister on your next trip to your supermarket.

More room to spare, more time saved and fewer hassles. Whether you have a soda machine of SodaQuick, SodaFresh, Sodastream, Wassermaxx, Sodamaker or anyone else, you will end up saving a lot of time and hassle as you will not need to collect sacks of empty bottles and wait in line in order to recycle them.

Positive effect on the environment. You will certainly feel good that you are not a part of the problem that ends up in polluting the environment by simply transporting bottled water all around the world.

Article source: http://mysodawater.com/why-not-simply-ban-the-sale-of-bottled-water-from-stores/