What is Carbonated Seltzer Water?

Bottled carbonated water is also known as sparkling water and this zero calorie drink can be enjoyed with all meals.

 Carbonated Seltzer water is the ultimate in flavored sparkling water and is usually available in select fruity flavors. One can keep on rotating between different flavors while enjoying it with any meal and it can be bought without any flavor too.

 Sparkling water is basically flavored water with fruity aromas and does not contain any calories, artificial sweeteners or any synthetic colors as additives.

 If one wants to create sparkling soda like the famous Sodastream (Soda Club) or Wassermaxx then one can also make it in a soda machine while also adding flavor to it. Some people also install costly machines within their kitchens in a bid to serve up carbonated beverages although such professional machines can cross above 1 600 Euros even though carbonic acid itself is not costly. The cost of sparkling water produced is quite cheap at just a few cents per liter since carbonic acid comes in 3 to 4 kilogram bottles and only 6 to 8 grams are required for each liter.

 The cost of sparkling water comes to only 16 cents a liter when a soda machine is used with regular 425 gram bottles of carbonic acid. When larger bottles of carbonic acid are used, the cost of such water is very less in comparison to readymade carbonated beverages.

 One can also produce carbonated water by using cheap machines that produce water through the tap but these machines do not cool the carbonated water and the carbonic acid canisters used in such machines are limited by their small size. If one is thinking of buying such a machine then regular tasting of the finished sparkling water is necessary to confirm that the carbonated water consistently has the right carbonic acid level.

 One should be alert if any salesperson selling such machines mentions “lightly carbonated water” and should thoroughly analyze the machine. The carbonated water produced should suit the taste of the entire family since anyone that feels that the mixing is not all right will simply avoid drinking the sparkling water.

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