Try watering plants with sparkling water for better growth

Just as humans need water for survival, plants too need clean and pure water for better growth. While you might have been using plain or tap water to water your plants, you should realize that tap water usually contains high levels of chlorine and fluoride that might not be suitable for plants in the long run. Instead, you should try watering plants with sparkling water for better growth.

The key is to remember that not all types of sparkling water are good for your plant’s health. Commercial fizzy drinks that contain high levels of sugar, club sodas or colas that contain caffeine, and any other flavored bottled sparkling water that might contain artificial sweeteners or sugar, artificial flavors, colors such as pink, green, etc or preservatives are surely not suitable for watering plants. All these chemicals are not good for plant growth and instead might simply encourage the growth of fungi due to the presence of sugar in these drinks. Since there have not been any studies conducted to determine that watering plants with sparkling water is indeed bad for plants, you can surely try to water your plants with plain and natural sparkling water.

You can try watering your plants with Seltzer water or any other sparkling water that has been extracted naturally and contains higher levels of minerals and other nutrients. This will ensure that the roots of your plants can absorb the additional minerals present in the water. You can try conducting a trial run by watering two similar-sized plants in different pots. Use plain tap water in one pot and sparkling water in the other. A test conducted over a longer period will help determine the results. There have been such tests conducted at a personal level where people have noticed positive improvements in the plants watered with sparkling water.

You can also try alternating between sparkling water and plain water so as to negate any ill-effects that each type of water might have on the plant. This could have a better result on the growth of your plant. While you sit and observe the results on your plants, you can still enjoy the positive effects of sparkling water on your own health by mixing calorie-free flavors in your sparkling water. You can order several delicious flavors over the Internet and have them delivered to your home. You can enjoy flavors such as passion fruit, grapefruit, lemon, lime, peach, pomegranate, apple, and many more while also blending together several flavors to create your own distinct flavor. Flavors made by reputed companies do not contain any sugar, synthetic colors, flavors or preservatives, thus making them completely safe for your health. You will clearly notice a big difference in your own health as you remain hydrated in a tasteful manner while sipping on these wonderful flavors all day long.

You should surely try to provide crystal clear and pure sparkling water to your plants and continue doing so when you notice a positive improvement in their growth. By watering plants with sparkling water for better growth you can ensure that your plants get the best in minerals, vitamins and nutrients that is so required for enhanced health of your plants.

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