Install soda seltzer fountain machines in your home and office

Today’s fast and furious lifestyle does not leave much time to enjoy eating food and cooking leisurely simply seems like an unachievable dream. The fast new culture and lifestyle dictates that you go in for fast food and instant drinks that save time and effort, but might not be a healthy choice in the long term. If you truly want to remain healthy and have fun tickling your palate then you should install soda seltzer fountain machines in your home and office so as to remain hydrated and healthy while enjoying turning your drinking water into liquid delicacies.

You might have invariably found yourself in a restaurant grabbing a quick bite along with diet coke or any other soda pop to wash down your food. Several restaurants also have soda fountain machines as part of their equipment to dispense fizzy drinks in different flavors. You might also have observed such fountains in several large offices to provide tasty carbonated water to your guests.

However, in a study conducted in the united states of America by dr. charles gerba, adjunct professor of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, among other departments, in the university of arizona, it was found that in an average there are around 21,000 bacteria thriving on each square inch of an average workplace. Dangerous germs and bacteria such as e-coli could be deposited inside your stomach in your bid to enjoy your favorite fizzy drink. This could also be true in case of restaurants that do not maintain adequate standards of hygiene.

Rather than take home a dangerous disease you now have an alternative of installing your own soda fountain machines in your home and office. The advances made in science and technology have reduced the size of these fountains so much that they hardly take up any space when kept on your countertop or on your office table. You can now make your own carbonated water or seltzer water with a simple push of a button and also blend in an exotic range of fruit flavors that will change the way you look at your hydration needs. Instead of guzzling colas or soda pop that is normally loaded with an over-doze of sugar, caffeine, preservatives and artificial colors and flavors, you can now ensure the well-being of yourself and your loved ones by doing your own water carbonation at home and office, and blending in flavors that are totally calorie-free and without any dangerous chemicals.

By maintaining strict hygiene standards in your home and your office by regularly cleaning your seltzer fountain or carbonated water dispenser, drinking water cooler and drinking water dispenser, you can keep dangerous bacteria and germs at bay while only enjoying an ice filled glass of flavored sparkling water at regular levels. Your staff and guests too can remain refreshed by trying out several delicious flavors. You can now enjoy all the benefits of drinking water without getting tired of its bland taste while remaining refreshed and hydrated all day long.

Your hectic lifestyle might not provide you with enough time to enjoy a cool and refreshing seltzer drink at regular intervals while plain water might not appeal to your palate. However, you can now install soda seltzer fountain machines in your home and office, and enjoy several appetizing flavors that will not only tease your palate but also keep you, your staff and your loved ones hydrated throughout the day without any fear of ingesting dangerous bacteria.

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