How to re-fill Smaller Home Carbonating Water Machine Carbon Dioxide Canisters from Bigger CO2 Bottles?

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You can observe the carbon dioxide bottles to check the contents when they are usually full. For older models of Sodastream that are in grey colored canisters, it is 300 grams and for newer machines it is usually 425 grams. You will have to empty out the bottle totally and keep it in your freezer for some hours. Once you complete this process, then the smaller bottle should be attached to the larger bottle and weighed on a weighing scale before filling it to its correct weight.

You will require rubber hoses of a high quality as well as a matching valve along with couplings that can handle very high pressure. Anyway, hoses as well as couplings will be required even if you deicide to hook larger bottles directly to your machine.

A good business idea would be to retail these couplings to make your own wine stores. This will allow you to re-fill the bottles that you own or even get them re-filled by stores that re-fill fire extinguishers or carbonic acid used for pubs or fish tanks. You could also turn into a retailer for slightly bigger bottles and even for two to four kilogram re-fills.

Sodastream could be possibly challenged by someone. If one wants a luxury CO2 pump then it will cost around 4300 Euros while a basic model would cost around half. You could use any of these machines to re-fill a carbon dioxide canister within 20 seconds even as the customer waits. Such a business could easily be established without a very heavy investment and you could lease out re-filling machines while you spread out the cost over a year or more.

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Your business itself will not result in lowered prices. AGA owns Wassermaxx and Airliquide that also have their interests spread out in different markets. Even though all these manufacturers look after their own interests first, bottles supplied by one provider cannot be re-filled by another.

But, latest soda machines that incorporate cooling systems along with inline carbonation simply prevents any loss of carbon dioxide and this means that larger CO2 bottles ranging from 2 to 7 kg can easily be used. Buying these new machines thus makes much more sense than buying any flavored drink.

Smaller machines for restaurants can also be used at home. To achieve perfect carbonation you should make sure that the water is cold and it is for this reason that those machines that do not have a cooling system might soon vanish from the market. Even though machines that sport cooling systems are a bit costly, they can carbonate much better than soda machines and the cost of the carbonated water too is extremely reasonable. You can also order different flavors worldwide by logging on to

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Sodastream or Soda Club took a firm stand towards any third party that tried to re-fill any of their carbonic acid bottles in 2006 as they maintained that those bottles continued to be “their” property instead of belonging to the customer that had bought them.

 Unfortunately for them, their stand was rejected by German courts and this could be followed by other European countries too. This business too requires competition not only to lower prices but also to save the environment as bottles should actually be re-filled in any nearby store in a process that hardly lasts 20 seconds. Anyway, home-made sparkling water hardly costs anything as compared to carbonated water bought from stores or even readymade carbonated drinks. There is certainly scope for improvement in this regard.

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