Home Carbonating Water and the Environment

The negative ecological effect caused by transport vehicles and their exhaust fumes.

Water that is transported and sold all around the world is usually in plastic bottles and even tastes the same.

The water that is present all over the world simply evaporates and falls back on earth in the form of rain. While water in our own tap hardly costs anything, the water industry has managed to supply the same water in bottles at exorbitant rates.

Although we have the same water in our taps, we still end up buying water from stores just because we are deceived to think that bottled water is superior.

Enormous energy wastage

In addition to paying a higher price for bottled water, we also end up contributing towards increasing greenhouse gases that take a toll on the environment by… 

  • The process involving the manufacture and transportation of not only bottles but also labels, pallets, capsules and cartons.
  • Transporting bottles from the factory warehouses to various wholesalers that re-pack them and further transport it to many retailers including supermarkets.
  • Customers that now need to drive up to these retailers to buy such water to drink it and then discard the empty plastic bottles. The empty bottles have to be transported to landfills and are often burnt, which in turn releases deadly toxic fumes.

This entire process of manufacturing, transporting and burning plastic bottles affects the atmosphere inversely by releasing toxic fumes and contributing negatively to the green house effect. At the end of the day you have only purchased water that is simply available in your own home tap, and which is anyway regularly checked for quality.

A soda machine does not consume electricity and hence requires no energy. The machine too can last for years on end even as the canisters and empty bottles are simply reused again and again. Anyway, only 30grams of sparkling water flavor is all that is needed to flavor 15 liters if carbonated water.

As you have seen from the above, bottled water is simply too energy inefficient when compared with home carbonated water.

Raw materials required for bottled water.

Bottled water requires disposable bottles, labels, cartons, capsules and labels that just waste the meager resources at out disposal, while even disposable bottles have a short span of life. Water from natural springs is also vanishing at an alarming rate.

Creation of garbage

You can surely put an end to most of you garbage as carbonation can be done using the same machine and bottle for almost around 10 years, and you might only need to purchase aroma bottles from time to time. Compare that with bottled water where you sincerely have to dispose each bottle in garbage bags. These bottles are then stored until they are re-distributed or simply burnt, which in turn releases toxic gas into the atmosphere.

Article source: http://mysodawater.com/home-carbonating-water-and-the-environment/