Home Carbonating Soda Machine by Sodastream

You can carbonate your own mineral water with Sodastream. An Englishman by the name of “Guy Gilbrey” invented the Sodastream systems in 1903 and this home carbonating system became very famous in the 70’s and 80’s. Sodastream faced a lot of competition from soft drink manufacturers that came up with low-priced drinks in PET bottles of 1.5 liters. However, Sodastream bounced back with a combination of many factors:

  • People became much more health conscious and wanted to avoid excess sugar.
  • Rather than buying costly pre-carbonated drinks or readymade soft drinks, one could easily make carbonated water at home at a very low cost.
  • Some processes used by soft drink manufacturers are not good for the environment. A lot of water is used up by soft drink manufacturers that could easily be utilized in a better way. A lot of Carbon dioxide is released in the air by trucks that transport the soft drinks from the manufacturer to the retailer. Bottles are also not effectively recycled by some countries.
  • No need to recycle plastic bottles as carbonated water is made right at home.
  • As more and more people become obese across western countries, many people have started looking at healthier alternatives.
  • When compared to a soft drink bottle that costs $1 or even more, carbonated water works out to be a cheaper choice at just a few cents per liter.

 Many carbonation machines including Sodastream have now come of age. It makes more sense to carbonate water at home than to buy carbonated drinks at the store. You do not have to lug heavy bottles or cans from the store and return them when they are empty. In addition, you help save the environment and the low price of carbonic acid too helps you save money. The biggest advantage is the wide range of fruity flavors and aromas made by Aromhuset that you can use with many soda machines including Sodastream or even with carbonated water that you may have purchased.

Flavored carbonated water has reached new heights due to the efforts of many Swedish producers. Simply put, flavored carbonated water tastes refreshingly better than the unflavored variety. You now have a choice of carbonating water at home and can also decide on the level of carbonic acid to be added to the water depending on your tastes. While there are many different flavors to choose from, children usually prefer Toffee, Strawberry and Banana. As regular sodas contain around 10% sugar (for example, 150 grams of sugar are present in a 1.5 liter soda bottle) you can simply imagine the health benefits that you can get by switching to carbonated water made at home.

You can also create your own custom-flavors such as “apple and lemon” or “passion-fruit and blackcurrant” by mixing flavors. You can try out hundreds of combinations if you get tired of stock flavors. Anyway, you will never tire of the original flavors due to the wide choice available. Even if you are on a low-carbohydrate diet, or Atkins diet, or GI diet or even if you suffer from diabetes, you can still enjoy the different flavors of this low-cost drink. Sodastream has 3 to 4 different models including their Jet Limited Edition.

Sodastream Jet
Sodastream Design
Sodastream Jet Limited Edition
Sodastream Pure

The Sodastream Design is one outstanding machine since its design is unique and its features are simply superb, thus ranking it above other Sodastream machines. This machine also allows you to mix the right level of carbon dioxide so as to suit your specific tastes.   

Sodastream has one more similar machine known as SodaMaster that it sells in some countries, which does not have carbonic acid containers. This machine sells only because it is priced low. The cartridges used in Sodastream machines are constructed out of aluminum and are known as Alco2Jet and carbonic acid is transported in them. These containers can be attached to all Sodastream machines.

You should preferably keep two containers of Alco2Jet so that while one container is being used the other one can be re-filled. This will ensure that even if one container is being re-filled the other one will still allow you to enjoy flavored carbonated water.

Carbonating your water with Sodastream

You can easily carbonate plain drinking water to get fresh mineral water. Aromhuset’s wide range of flavors and aromas that are available in 30ml bottles can now be used to give flavor to around 15 liters of your carbonated water. This size is perfect for your home needs and you will never get tired of the wonderful taste.

Article source: http://mysodawater.com/home-carbonating-soda-machine-by-sodastream/