Extract the benefits of drinking bottle water to the fullest

Staying hydrated throughout the day is vital for healthy living. Since your body is made up of around 70% water, you need to replenish all lost water by consuming adequate water all through the day. If the tap water in your neighborhood is not tasty or if you do not have access to pure drinking water when you travel then you can extract the benefits of drinking bottle water to the fullest.

Bottle water or bottled water is water that has been extracted from various sources such as ground water, lakes, rivers, wells, or even pristine mountain springs. In any case, bottled packaged water made by reputed manufacturers removes most harmful bacteria and chemicals, and even unpleasant odors and tastes before bottling it for consumers. You should however make it a point to check if the bottle water meets all epa and fda standards before drinking it. While plain bottled water might remove bad taste from water, premium bottled water that is sourced from artesian wells or springs, can provide water that not only has a very good and unique taste but also provide mineral rich water that can improve your health with each sip.

You are sure to find several brands of bottle water such as aquafina made by pepsico or pure life made by nestle, among many others. If drinking plain water gets boring then you can also try out seltzer water in plain or flavored form, flavored carbonated water, or club soda to keep your taste buds happy at all times even while remaining hydrated at the same time. Again, it is important to read the labels and check if all the required standards are met by the bottling company. You should also stay away from bottles that contain artificial flavors or colors, preservatives and unwanted calories in the form of sugar. This will only harm your body in the long run.

In your quest to get access to the best drinking water, you need not spend a fortune on bottled water. You can get equally good safe drinking water right at home by purifying your tap water even more with the help of a drinking water dispenser that contains inbuilt or inline filters. These filters can filter out all contaminants including heavy metals, chemicals and dangerous bacteria. The price of such dispensers varies as per the type of filters and capacity of the dispenser. You can use such dispensers at home as well as your office and also attach it to a drinking water cooler to get access to chilled and clear drinking water at the press of a button. You can also get tasty variations such as flavored carbonated water, plain carbonated water or soda club water by attaching a soda water maker to get water carbonation right at home so that you and your loved ones can consume tasty and bubbly carbonated water all day long.

If you want to change the taste of plain water into an exotic fruity one then you can easily do so in the comfort of your home. However, if you are out of your home most of the time and do not have access to safe drinking water then you can still remain healthy by extracting the benefits of drinking bottle water to the fullest so as to remain hydrated and healthy at all times.

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