Buy a seltzer bottle and get your own miniature soda maker at home

If you want to enjoy drinking soda pop or other fizzy beverages right at home then you can easily install a soda fountain in your home. But if your needs are quite small or if your kitchen dining area is quite tiny then you can still buy a seltzer bottle and get your own miniature soda maker at home.

A seltzer bottle or a soda syphon is a small bottle that will hold your drinking water along with a dispenser that will convert your plain drinking water into carbonated water. This is done by a small charger or co2 cartridge or miniature canister fixed in the spray dispenser that is activated once you press the plunger.

Your plain and boring drinking water is now converted into bubby carbonated water that can be sipped on all day long in plain or flavored form. The chargers or co2 canisters are easily available in stores and will need to be replaced once they have done the job of completing water carbonation within seconds.

You can now simply fill up your seltzer bottle with pure tap water and convert it into tasty sparkling water in an instant. If you have a dollhouse bar then this wonderful bottle can conjure up carbonated water that you can enjoy by blending it with your various heady drinks. Seltzer bottles or soda siphons are available in several materials and styles.

You can choose between stainless steel or aluminum bottles that are shaped like a thermos. If you want to go in for a traditionally styled bottle then you can opt for a glass bottle that provides an antique look. You can also locate seltzer bottles chargersmainly minis dollhouse miniatures by visiting and have a look at their large range of tiny products including seltzer bottles.

You need not carry bottled fizzy drinks from your neighborhood store and then lug the empty bottles back when you are done. Bottled products waste a lot of fuel through transportation and also pose a huge problem during disposal. All you need to make your own carbonated water without wasting precious space, fuel or money is to buy a seltzer bottle of your choice and load in the appropriate co2 charger to get bubbly seltzer water within seconds.

You can now flavor that bubbly water with a flavor of your choice and sip on it all day long. If your carbonation needs are more then you can also opt for a larger home soda making machine that utilizes an 8 gram co2 cartridge. Either way, you are bound to have loads of fun when you experiment with different fruit and cola flavors that will add some zing to your water. The cost per liter of this tasty water will also be much lower than bottled fizzy soda and you will also be helping the environment when you opt for this miniature home soda maker.

The right seltzer bottle can provide you with appetizing sparkling water within seconds and also enhance your dining experience when you sip on it during lunch or dinner. You can now enjoy blending in various flavors into your homemade carbonated water and share this wonderful bubbly drink with friends and family all year long.

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