Aromas used to flavor carbonated water

Aromas that flavor carbonated water as assessed by me.

 Sodastream Mywater is available in glass bottles of 100ml equipped with droppers, but these usually come with many problems such as…

  • The flow of the aroma liquid out of the bottle is very poor as it is quite thick.
  • You cannot squeeze the liquid out of the bottle since it is made of glass.
  • Alternatively, you can get rid of the dropper by using a knife and replace it with a syringe or keep the bottle in an inverted position for some time while waiting for the drops to emerge.
  • The taste of the liquid itself is very mild and even an increased dose is of no use.

 Although Sodastream Mywater Strawberry Lemon is quite all right, the taste resembles more of strawberry wine gum instead of a fruity flavor. Their best flavor is Sodastream lemon.

 Aromhuset aromas are a better alternative as they are available in PET bottles of 30 ml along with droppers. These are much better because…

  • As compared to Sodastream, their droppers are better made and work superbly.
  • You can extract even the last drop of fluid from the bottle by squeezing it.
  • One liter of water can be mixed by taking two-thirds of the capsule and this formula is easy to master. Once you mix around twenty to thirty liters, you will not even be required to calculate it.
  • I propose to sample the many flavors of Aromhuset aromas and come out with my views. I have already tried around half of their flavors and have found that banana, lemon, passion fruit, melon, apple, peach and blackcurrant are fantastic.

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